Friday, October 28, 2011


Possible horse cruelty case being investigated in Madisonville

Authorities in Madisonville are investigating a possible animal neglect case. Investigators say they've received several complaints that some horses are being underfed, and need medical treatment.

Resident Hazel Fell received calls from friends complaining about the condition of a group of horses on a nearby farm.

Several weeks after, Fell went to the farm to check up on the horses condition. She saw no improvement, and took several photos. Fell then filed her own complaint to the humane society.

The horses are owned by Rob and Bonnie Ryder on a private farm off Randall Drive. Fell says the problem is that they live in Canada, and all responsibility to the horses is left to a caretaker.
It's unknown how much the horses are visited, but Fell says she's most upset that nothing was done before her complaint.

Humane society officials say they have been monitoring the situation. In fact, soon after the latest complaint, they sent a veterinarian out to check on the horses and meet with the caretaker. The caretaker now has 30 days to improve the health of the horses.

Humane society officials declined to speak while the investigation is ongoing, but stress the fact that they haven't ignored any complaints, and are working with law enforcement to resolve the issue.

Hopkins County Public Works officials say last month, they picked up one horse from that property that had died, but it's unclear what the cause of death was.

Humane society officials say plenty of food and hay have been donated to the horses while the investigation continues.

Officials say after the 30 days, they'll re-evaluate the condition of the horses, and if there are no improvements, disciplinary action will be taken.