Wednesday, January 1, 2014



More than a dozen dead horses were found dead at a Kentucky farm Monday.

Mason County Sheriff Patrick Boggs said he found 16 carcasses, fairly recent in their deaths, at the farm of Sam Jones, who is no stranger to the law.

For the 6th time since Christmas Eve, Mason County Sheriff's officials spent the afternoon repairing fences and rounding up horses that escaped from Sam Jones' farm. Sheriff Boggs said the horses were jumping the fences in search of food, and the ones that were found dead appeared to not have been fed properly.

"It appeared several of the horses were not being fed adequately," Boggs said.

Jones has a history of animal neglect. Sheriff Boggs said they have dealt with Jones as recently as six to eights months ago, and prior to that, at several different occasions.
Sheriff Boggs says his office won't stop working the case.

"We won't let it go. We are exhausting all means to take these horses off his hands to find someone to properly take care of them," he said.

Jones faces 16 charges of failure to dispose of a carcass and one charge of animal cruelty.


MAYSVILLE, Ky. -- Sixteen horses were found dead on a Mason County farm in Kentucky Monday.

Mason County Sheriff Patrick Boggs responded to the farm of George Samuel Jones on Key Pike after receiving tips of dead horses in the field.

But, this wasn't the first time that officers responded to this particular farm.

In 2010, Jones was charged with 30 counts of animal cruelty and six counts of failure to dispose of a carcass properly in 2010.

The charges were a result of an investigation after receiving tips of dead and mistreated animals -- similar to the tip reported to police on Monday.

The 2010 investigation determined 30 horses and donkeys on Jones' farm were neglected and left without food and water. Six of the 30 horses died.

As a result, Jones was given jail time and probation for two years. Boggs said Jones was recently released from that probation.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture laws for disposing of a carcass states specific ways for the dead animals to be disposed of and within a 48 hour time limit. The bodies found Monday were laying on the ground scattered across the farm.
In 2010, the six dead horses were found in a similar manner and Jones was charged for not disposing of them within the two day time frame.

Previously, Jones, 67, was filed against by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2008 for five issues relating to his farm including his equipment and inventory.

On Monday, officials removed seven more horses and mules from the farm for their safety.
Boggs told the Ledger-Independent that since Dec. 24, his department has responded to the farm for animals running at large four times. Monday's findings marked the fifth time police have been to Jones' farm in a week.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture and local police are investigating the case. 


Jan 13, 2014

NKY farmer turns over rest of animals

A Northern Kentucky farmer accused of animal cruelty after 16 horses were found dead on his farm has turned over the rest of his animals.
The animals were removed from the farm on Key Pike in Mason County.

The Mason County sheriff told WLWT that George Jones had 53 horses and mules, and a sheep. They were all taken to a property in Fleming County.

On Dec. 29, investigators were called to Jones’ property after 16 dead horses were found.
As the cleanup progressed, 27 dead animals were found on the farm.

Jones, 67, was also charged with animal cruelty in 2010. Investigators said they found horses and donkeys left without food and water. Some of those animals died.

Jones is due back in court next month.