Thursday, April 2, 2009


Upton, KY

Saddlebred Farm Jack Ward

This case has been reported to the State Police, however no actions have been taken.

The mares in the right picture are emaciated and pregnant.

Phone calls and e-mails to Kentucky State Police Post 4 have not been replied to.


It has recently come to our attention, that the owner of the emaciated horses (Jack Ward) is the father of Captain Ward of State Police Post #4.

As of 04/26/2009 horses are still in deplorable conditions. Pictures taken on that date:

Update 07/16/2009:
We checked on the horses and they are currently in good condition.

The pasture has grass and the owner has round bales in storage.

Speak Up For Horses conducted their training program "How To Recognize Horse Neglect And Abuse" in Hodgenville today and Post #4 of the State Police (Captain Ward's ditrict) sent one of their deputies to attend.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

Update August 2009:

The owner of the horses passed away.

Steps are currently being taken to place these horses into new homes.


beth said...

Still horse are being starved horrible conditions are still happening. We need past people to come forth to speak with Peta. If you know anyone that could share info please blog for i can direct you in the right direction. Something has to be done, Beth

beth said...

There has been new pictures taken, young horse with hole in his head, emaciated mother trying to feed her foal, mares out in the field with hip and ribs showing so bad. Manure in stalls so deep that the stall floors are packed 2 1/2 feet in places with manure. Please come forth with pass information for Peta i will direct you in the right direction

speakupforhorses said...

Beth, thank you.
We are aware of the current situation and are working on getting it resolved. As soon a we know what the outcome is goiing to be, we will post.