Thursday, April 11, 2013


McCracken Man Cited for Animal Cruelty
Published 05:45 AM, Thursday Apr. 11, 2013

MCCRACKEN CO, KY - A McCracken Man has been cited for animal cruelty, after authorities seized two adult horses they say were emaciated and neglected.

According to the Paducah Sun, the horses were taken after calls to animal control described them as starving and lethargic. McCracken County Animal Control Director Chryss George told the Paducah Sun that when she got to the Chapel Road property, the horses were in their stalls and George said it appeared they had been treated poorly.  Both of the horses appeared to be very emaciated, according to George.

George cited horse owner Donald Peck for cruelty to animals. The animals were then taken into county custody. Peck said he had been allowing a friend to care for the horses.

The Sun reports Coda and Moriah spent the rest of Wednesday eating hay and oats in their stalls.

A date for Peck's court appearance has not yet been scheduled.

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