Friday, April 14, 2017


Two people charged in horse neglect case



Brown says a number of calls came in, all with the same tone. A handful of horses were pulled from the farms.
"They seen everything from skin issues, under weight," he said.
WKYT asked and we're not able to show any pictures right now because the investigation isn't over.
"Owners were given chances to correct it, however they did not."
The owners he's talking about are Agnes Krug and Tres Delaforce. Each faces animal neglect charges.

"Investigators got called out to two different addresses, one on South Yarnallton and Athens Walnut Hill."
WKYT stopped by both places and asked they give us their side of the story. Krug told us she didn't want us on her property. We left Delaforce a voicemail and haven't heard back.

Officials say Delaforce isn't unfamiliar to animal neglect, that she was a complainant just last year when Mercer County investigated the neglect of 43 horses.

As for this investigation, it's ongoing. We're told the cross-town cases may somehow be linked.
Brown said, "We are safe to say that they are somewhat connected. We just don't know the relationship between the two."

As the investigation continues Animal Care & Control is taking care of the thoroughbreds. It's not clear if the horses will go back to their owners. That'll be decided in court.

Earlier this year, we received multiple complaints regarding thin horses residing on South Yarnallton Pike.
During this investigation, several horses were seized for care and treatment issues. Lizzy (pictured below) is one of the horses from this case. Lizzy was found to be extremely underweight, covered in lice, with a wound on her neck as a result of a cribbing collar.
On Friday, a jury handed down a guilty verdict on the criminal case against the owner, Agnes Krug. She was convicted of all three counts of animal cruelty.

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