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Starving Horses in Lincoln Co. on Road to Recovery

Posted: 4:49 PM Apr 7,

They were found barely alive on a Lincoln County farm.
But two weeks later, some once starving horses are doing much better.

Their owner said he couldn't feed them because he didn't have enough hay or money.

The horses have found new homes, and are well on the road to recovery.

It was a sad sight on a thoroughbred farm in Lincoln County two weeks ago.

There were 70 horses on one farm and officials say 12 of them were starving.

The owner blamed the drought leaving him without hay and lack of resources.

He agreed to give the horses up instead of facing charges.

Last month they could barley stand. But after some donations of feed and hay, these thoroughbreds returned to their natural element.

"They were just running for the joy of running," said Cathy Mitchum, with the Lincoln Co. Humane Society.

"They're racing horses and that's just what they do. It was so wonderful to see that."

Many of the problems can't be blamed just on the weather.

But now people are donating both money and feed to nurse these horses back to health.

"They have a long way to go," said Mitchum. "It will be six months at least just to get these horses back to health and several months after that to get back to their real selves."

One horse had to be put down.

Some are still gimpy and others are suffering from rain rot, similar to mange on a dog.
But with plenty of food and medicine, all are expected to fully recover.


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