Sunday, July 27, 2008


The Grant County AC received calls on eight starving horses in their jurisdiction.

The owner of these horses is well known from prior animal abuse charges involving cats and dogs.

She does not live on the property, and according to neighbors, her nephew has been left in charge of feeding the horses. He has only been seen coming around a couple of times a week, but apparently does not feed the horses properly.

Upon inspection of the horses and property, no water was accessable to the horses, and the only food source found, was stale old straw. It appears that the horses are suffering from a major worm infestation, indicated by their huge bellies.

The County attorney was called immediately, and he has been trying to contact the owner via phone, to no avail.

In the meantime, Speak Up For Horses has filled all empty water troughs and provided some good quality hay to be given to these animals several times a day.

Since the offender has a prior misdemeanor charge relating to animal abuse, this incident could be prosecuted as a felony.

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