Monday, July 21, 2008


Horses found in poor condition
Lexington, KY (US)

Incident Date: Saturday, Mar 1, 2008
County: Marion
Disposition: Not Charged
Person of Interest: Ed Lanham

Marion County's UK-Agriculture Extension agent is facing allegations that several horses in poor condition were found on his farm.

Responding to a complaint from the Department of Agriculture, animal control and other authorities arrived to investigate the allegations Friday. Authorities say the horses belong to Ed Lanham, the county's UK-Ag Extension agent. A veterinarian checked the animals out and said that nine of the horses in question are in poor condition and five of the nine have him very concerned.

The sheriff says Lanham blamed the conditions on the wet winter.Authorities did find one dead horse, but they believe it died from natural causes.

They say they don't plan on filing any charges, but will make sure the horses are put on a strict diet and a worm treatment. Aside from the horses, authorities say the rest of the animals on the farm appear to be healthy.

Officials with UK's College of Agriculture say they're aware of the allegations against Lanham, but don't want to comment until they learn more about the situation.


Lex18 News - March 21, 2008


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