Thursday, July 10, 2008


Horses Found In Horrible Conditions

March 26, 2008

Animal control officers continued to remove horses Thursday from a farm in rural Jessamine County where 70 horses were found Wednesday. Officers say the horses were all starving and neglected.

Some of the horses were removed Wednesday, the rest were taken from the scene Thursday afternoon.

On Wednesday officials said, on a scale of one to ten with one being the worst, most of the horses would rank a 1.5. The owner faces 70 counts of animal cruelty and is expected in court next month. Authorities say two other people could also be charged in the case.

Animal Abuse Case Under Review:

Posted: 4:47 PM Jul 29, 2008
Last Updated: 4:47 PM Jul 29, 2008

A Jessamine County couple, charged with starving dozens of horses, had their case go back in front of a judge on Tuesday.

The judge reviewed the case of Sharon and Argo Clagett. Neither was present at the time, and no ruling was made public.

The couple is accused of abusing more than 70 horses on their farm.

The Claggets still have 25 horses they are allowed to keep but are subject to random checks by animal control officers.

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