Monday, July 21, 2008


Case ID: 13981
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: horse

Horse found neglected, unable to standFloyd County, KY (US)

Incident Date: Friday, Jun 27, 2008
County: Floyd
Disposition: Not Charged
Abuser names unreleased

Animal shelter officials are trying to nurse an Eastern Kentucky horse back to health after they say they found it in such bad shape, it couldn't even stand on all four feet.

Floyd County Animal Shelter Director Kathy Mullins says when she rescued the Tennessee Walker bred horse, she was covered in gnats and flies and unable to do anything about it because of a deep gash on her back right leg.

Mullins says she got an anonymous tip that a horse was struggling to stay alive and stand on all fours."I immediately got in my vehicle and drove out to see if I could see the horse. The horse of emaciated standing on three feet," Mullins said.Armed with a seizure warrant to temporarily take custody of the horse, Mullins transported the Tennessee Walker bred horse to an undisclosed location.

"Our first priority was getting that horse into some emergency medical treatment. Without it, it would not have made it," Mullins said.The horse is doing better now, but Mullins says the horse, known as "Sweat Pea" by her rescuers, has a long road to recovery.Mullins says the cut on the back leg makes it impossible for "Sweat Pea" to move around or even stand and had a sore on her eye.Since the sore is near such a sensitive place, Mullins says all she can do is keep the area clean until it heals on it's own. The horse's hooves were also damaged.

For Mullins, the whole ordeal has taken a toll."If the animal is actually suffering like this one is, don't stop until you get something. Just don't stop and look over it," Mullins said.Mullins says the entire community working together is the only way to stop something like this from happening.

Officials say the investigation remains open and there are no charges or arrests at this time.


WKYT - June 29, 2008


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