Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hapsirishpub is a Thoroughbred whose good fortune changed the day his first owner died. Passed from owner to owner, he was recently taken in by Shelly Price of Speak Up for Horses, a Kentucky-based equine rescue and rehabilitation organization.

The namesake of his owner/breeder's favorite Cincinnati watering hole, "Haps" accumulated over $16,000 in earnings on the track. Haps' owner's son took over the racing stable after his father's death and, according to the horse's first trainer Ramon Salcedo, pushed Haps to be even more profitable. The push didn't bring the desired results, so Haps was retired.

The gelding's new home turned out to be an old hog barn that was still filled with manure and equipment. Alone in the dark, he received limited care and feed. Haps received no farrier or veterinary care, and he went months without hay, Price explained. He lost nearly 400 pounds, and his feet had grown so long they were beginning to curl up in front.

Haps' new owner died in early 2008. His fiancee tried to find Haps a new home. That's when he caught the attention of Speak Up For Horses, who rescued Haps in March.
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